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17 Aug The Benefits of an Early Childhood Musical Education

Raising the Bar for our Youngest Learners The Benefits of an Early Childhood Musical Education Music surrounds us everyday and is used by various people in a multitude of ways. Consider how music can easily get you pumped up for a big game, quickly calm your nerves when you’re upset or anxious, or wake you up your children when they’re feeling sluggish. Music can inspire us and get our creative juices flowing – simply put, it has the ability to influence us all, regardless of our background or culture. As babies, our children listen to music around them and practice imitating and making noises of their own. Just like with language, the more they hear, the quicker and more developed such skills become. And so, why would we consider early childhood education without considering a musical component? Multiple studies have shown that music for our youngest learners is essential – in fact, children...

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20 Jul Teaching Kids to Read: A Primer for Success

How Early Childhood Learning Can Greatly Impact Future Reading Success When you consider how quickly your toddler or preschooler picks up on new concepts, it’s no wonder early childhood learning – in particular, reading – begins as early as infancy. In fact, early childhood is the optimal time to encourage literacy concepts that can have a significant impact on a child’s future reading abilities. “Reading” is a very general term that encompasses a multitude of skills for young learners. Before a child picks up a book and reads effortlessly, they must first master concepts including (but not limited to) print awareness, alphabet knowledge, phonological and phonemic awareness, concept of print, print knowledge, comprehension and oral language skills. This particular article, however, will focus on a few of the most important skills a parent or teacher can focus on to set their child on the path to reading success. Influential Skills First and foremost, it...

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